I am proud to announce that the website Versant created for the law firm, DeWitt Ross & Stevens was awarded the “Best Law Firm Website” by the Midwest Legal Marketing Association.

Evaluated based on “creativity, execution, achievement and overall excellence,” the website, www.dewittross.com, supports the law firm’s unique vision and values while being easy to navigate and update.  According to Michelle Friedman, Marketing Director, DeWitt Ross & Stevens, “A lot of research and hard work went into the design of the site, and we are grateful we had Versant as our technology partner to help bring our visions to life.”

In order to develop an award winning website, Versant follows these requirements:

  • Employ a talented integrated team with branding, digital and marketing experts
  • Have a clear understanding of the client’s business and its culture
  • Know the target audience

At Versant, our expert team has the ability to capture the pulse of a company and translate that into the digital world.  Take a look at how we did it for DeWitt Ross & Stevens at www.dewittross.com.

Evaluate your digital communication and consider how Versant can help improve your digital business presence.